Gentle Drunk

18 January 2003

Angels learn the devil’s dance
As I drink this whisky in an instance.
Then, my eyes closed in slow motion,
My heart is having a sad emotion.

Butterflies and birds are starting to fall.
Angels in devil’s voice, I heard them call.
My hours, my days, my life are turning black.
Oh, God help me, I’m in a heart attack.

No! Whiskies don’t make me hurt people.
Look at them, they love me all.
Yet, I wish I was never been born
For angels are having tails and horns.

The bomb has been planted in my heart.
I am lonely, I am sad, I am hurt.
In my whisky, angels with halos sunk
For I only sleep when I’m drunk.

kenn jimena

Marry Me Mary

1 January 2003

Marry me Mary,
This love of mine is true.
Marry me
And I will never be blue.
Let us walk together
With our hands holding tight.
Through the red holy carpet,
We will share our life.

Marry me Mary,
The chapel’s bell is ringing.
Marry me
And let us love in never-ending.
Give me your hand,
Wear this ring I give you.
With white ribbons and flowers,
To the altar, we will go.

Marry me Mary,
The angels are singing for us.
Marry me
And our days will surely last.
I swear this to you,
To the people and the Man above,
To the health, sorrow and joy,
We’ll stay together with our love.

kenn jimena

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