I Have To For Me

2 November 2013

I have to close my eyes so I can see.
To see things what they supposed to be.
To witness what they do against me.
I have to close my eyes for me to see.

I have to zip my lips so I can speak.
To say the words that I can’t take.
To shout to the world that I am not weak.
I have to zip my lips for me to speak.

I have to cover my ears so I can hear.
To pay attention to what is unclear.
To listen to the noise of the world of fear.
I have to cover my ears for me to hear.

I have to stop my heart so I can feel.
To touch one’s soul made of steel.
To care to those hearts that need to heal.
I have to stop my heart for me to feel.

I • The Nascency

I – The Nascency

9 August 2013

It was a moonless night. Silent. Only the gliding sound of the wind across the field of rice can be heard. So silent that you can hear the wind brushing the leaves of the trees. But that silence was suddenly broken. Melissa cried for help. She was about to bear a child. Everybody was rushing to see her. Even the neighbors were bothered so they also came to see her.
Lucky for her that Yolanda was there during that time. She is the town’s midwife who happened to visit Melissa’s neighbor, Griselda. Yes, she was very lucky ’cause her husband Ruben was not there during that time. Yolanda asked Griselda to prepare hot water and sterilize the scissors. And so they helped Melissa give birth for her first-born child. It was very difficult for her. She cried like thunder that almost everyone in the barrio could hear her.
Everyone in the room paused. Smiles of success can be seen from everyone’s faces when the baby’s cry was heard. It was a boy.

In His Will

1 June 2013

I got up from my bed with a smile on my face.
I know I am still blessed with heaven’s grace.
I talked to Him and said my little daily prayer.
Asked His guidance and protection for me to bear.

I idled for a while for something came into my head.
I remembered you like when I’m in my last night’s bed.
So I closed my eyes once more and called His name again,
That He may also protect and guide you away from evil things.

And now I’m writing this to let you know I remember you,
You are someone I should have known a long time ago.
I care for you though you may not feel it this time.
It ain’t owning, but in His will someday I may call you mine.

What Is A Woman?

21 July 2011

What is a woman?
A woman is supposed to be a man’s partner, not to be his master.
She is supposed to be loved by him, not to be worshiped.
But if she thinks she’s a goddess to be worshiped,
she must provide the man’s need:
Care, Affection, Trust, Understanding, and Love.

kenn jimena

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You’re A Gift From God

29 November 2010

You’re a gift from the Man above that
I never thought I could ever have.
You’re a present wrapped in human disguise,
an angel of Him that I lately realized.

You’re a gift furnished with a smile.
How I always pray it’s not for a while.
You’re a present beneath the tree of love;
I’m surprised for it’s more than I should have.

You’re a gift from our beloved God.
He created you just for me to have.
You’re a present that I couldn’t afford to buy,
a gift intended for me no matter time passes by.

kenn jimena

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9 November 2010

Life is always full of bitter-sweet surprises;
there are angels and demons on their disguises.
At times heaven is on earth to bring glory,
and happy-endings don’t happen on real stories.

But life doesn’t always go that painful way.
“Things happen for a reason”, as wise men say.
People meet because they have a purpose.
Whatever it is, be thankful and don’t oppose.

Life is real precious if we look deeply at it.
We were born and I say that life is a gift.
Trials and errors are spices to make us better.
Let us not complain to what our God has to offer.

At the end of days and judgment will come.
Our mind is worry-free of what we have done.
Life is not only what is precious to our sight.
It is always etcetera. That’s what we call life.

kenn jimena

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Time To Raise Myself

20 January 2010

Time to raise myself and embrace a prayer.
Time to thank God and my life today to offer.
Another day, another chance for Him to render.
Another me, another I to become better.

Time to raise myself and think of her once more
Time to recall how I made her smile before.
Another day, another chance to make it forevermore.
Another me, another I but the same for her.

Time to raise myself and please the people around.
Time to enjoy life but enjoying doesn’t need a sound.
Another day, another fruitful life I should find.
Another me, another I but the same inside.

kenn jimena

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Marry Me Mary

1 January 2003

Marry me Mary,
This love of mine is true.
Marry me
And I will never be blue.
Let us walk together
With our hands holding tight.
Through the red holy carpet,
We will share our life.

Marry me Mary,
The chapel’s bell is ringing.
Marry me
And let us love in never-ending.
Give me your hand,
Wear this ring I give you.
With white ribbons and flowers,
To the altar, we will go.

Marry me Mary,
The angels are singing for us.
Marry me
And our days will surely last.
I swear this to you,
To the people and the Man above,
To the health, sorrow and joy,
We’ll stay together with our love.

kenn jimena

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Above All

1 May 2001

Thank You again God for this day,
Thank You God, for You I will pray.
You do not care if I have sinned,
I ask forgiveness for these things.

They say You’re the King of the world
And I do believe in their words.
You sacrificed Your life for us.
I thank You Lord, thank You so much.

You’re powerful, I vow to You.
You are the great, I know You do.
Our God, You are above all things,
God of all gods, King of all kings.

kenn jimena

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