3 February 2011

I am old now but I still do what I like,
play with my dolls and ride the bike.
I don’t mind the gentlemen and the boys,
but I still like the flowers and the toys.

So set aside the powder and the lipstick,
I still have my story books and fairy magic.
I still play with my lovely Ken and Barbie;
watch the Looney Tunes and Disney.

Yes, it’s fun when I bite my tiny fingernail
and swirl every tip of my wavy curly hair.
I still wish when the stars starts to shoot,
and enjoy the pouring rain on our roof.

So what if I still do the things I always like?
Who cares if they see me ride on my bike?
Who cares if I still play with my toys?
And… Who cares about the stupid boys?

kenn jimena

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