You’re A Gift From God

29 November 2010

You’re a gift from the Man above that
I never thought I could ever have.
You’re a present wrapped in human disguise,
an angel of Him that I lately realized.

You’re a gift furnished with a smile.
How I always pray it’s not for a while.
You’re a present beneath the tree of love;
I’m surprised for it’s more than I should have.

You’re a gift from our beloved God.
He created you just for me to have.
You’re a present that I couldn’t afford to buy,
a gift intended for me no matter time passes by.

kenn jimena

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Michelle XV

23 November 2010

You’re more Michelle than the usual Michelle.
Wow! Whew! I just wish you will never hear.
My oh my Michelle that I vividly stare.
You are lovelier than you ever were.

Sweet is to see you again in my view,
Sweeter than sweet if you don’t know.
My oh my Michelle, am I for you?
Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What if you really do?

You’re more beautiful than you used to be.
Uhm… Gulp! I am surprised of what I see.
My oh my Michelle, it’s not a fantasy.
I can’t tell you now so you’re still free.

Sweet is to hear your voice again, Michelle.
I hear songs to every story that you tell.
My oh my Michelle, I just hold still
Not to say a word because you might hear.

kenn jimena

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By The Time

By The Time

12 November 2010

The sounds of music travel through my nerves
as I see couples with each other’s hand they hold.
My heart beats like thunder because I remember you;
and hard as I stop myself, nothing I could do.

I see children playing on the street with their toys,
how I prayed I could see now our girls and our boys.
So the sound reaches this empty brain of mine.
I look at your picture, and you are very refined.

Then I utter a silent prayer to the Great Man above,
to protect you, guide you, and provide you health and love.
So by the time that day I dreamed will come to life,
you will be the woman I could be proud of you as my wife.

kenn jimena

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9 November 2010

Life is always full of bitter-sweet surprises;
there are angels and demons on their disguises.
At times heaven is on earth to bring glory,
and happy-endings don’t happen on real stories.

But life doesn’t always go that painful way.
“Things happen for a reason”, as wise men say.
People meet because they have a purpose.
Whatever it is, be thankful and don’t oppose.

Life is real precious if we look deeply at it.
We were born and I say that life is a gift.
Trials and errors are spices to make us better.
Let us not complain to what our God has to offer.

At the end of days and judgment will come.
Our mind is worry-free of what we have done.
Life is not only what is precious to our sight.
It is always etcetera. That’s what we call life.

kenn jimena

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8 November 2010

I have this, another night of restless mind.
I want to sleep but peace I couldn’t find.
I have same thoughts as I had last night.
I see images of you in the absence of light.

So I wrap myself with my blanket and sheet.
I cover my ears but silence I couldn’t get.
You still talk between my wake and my sleep.
You warm me, I sweat and I get wet.

I turn myself upside down to avoid you.
It’s almost 10PM and I know not what to do.
Still the feeling lingers this heart of mine.
I have been thinking of you before nine.

So I grab this phone and start my words.
I feel sorry for the things I should have told.
I just said good night instead of something else.
I’ll just dream of you and ignore your absence.

kenn jimena

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Rochelle, Where Are You?

6 November 2010

Where are you my Rochelle?
I’ve been looking for you everywhere.
I’ve been to Bacoor, Baler, and Marbel,
But I couldn’t find you there.

Things don’t get right since you left.
I barely even stand on my feet.
I’ve been to Silay, Dawis, and Kawit
Because the missing I just can’t defeat.

Where are you my sweet Rochelle?
Please come back to where you’ve been.
I’ve been to Pavia, Barotac, and Maasin.
It’s funny to find out that you’re just here.

kenn jimena

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