I Love To Die

I love to die when it means resting.
To leave all things without thinking.
I love to die and forget every thing.
I love to die when I know I’m nothing.

I love to die so problems will fade away.
To rest my body and mind to gently decay.
I love to die and dying is really okay.
I love to die when I’m a loser anyway.

I love to die and leave all my friends.
To know who really cares until the end.
I love to die so my works will mend.
I love to die when my story will become a legend.

-kenn jimena

Frightened Man

Frightened Man

4 June 2012

I’m a bit of a weak and frightened man
a bit afraid of what I really am
a bit afraid of how things will become
frightened that you might not be the one.

Forgive me of the things I might do
I’m afraid to lose you before having you
I’m afraid that one day you might also go
frightened of things before they come true.

I’m a bit frightened but I must go on today
afraid of things but I have to do it my way
afraid to lose you so this game I must play
frightened but I must say, “I Like you Ms. Rae.”

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