Because of That

29 June 2013

I don’t like you not because of what you did.
I don’t like you anymore simply because…
…of that bloody shiny lipstick you wear.
…of that thin black line above your eyes.
…of that gesture of yours is extremely proud.
…of the smile in your face is nowhere to find.
…of your presence has less value to me.
…you are not the same person I used to know.

Do You?

29 June 2013

I regret that I told you before you know it.
Some say it’s a failure that I should forget.
I regret ‘cos things are not the same anymore.
Some say I’m busted ‘cos I just can’t have a score.

Do you know what time is it at this very moment?
Some say this is my curse and my punishment.
Do you know how hard for me to keep it as secret?
Some say I’ve gone crazy since the day we met.


What’s The Matter (With Me)

22 June 2013

It don’t matter if the sunshine will not be visible.
It don’t matter if the rain will never fall.
It don’t matter if the stars are so far away.
It don’t matter when the moon does not display.
It don’t matter if the road is winding and long.
It don’t matter if I’m weak and you’re strong.
It don’t matter how ugly I am when I cry.
It don’t matter and I don’t ask why.
It don’t matter if tears are in my eyes.
It don’t matter how you said goodbye.
It don’t matter how many times you break my heart.
It don’t matter how much I am hurt.
It don’t matter what I have to do.
It don’t matter what I am to you.
It don’t matter what it’s going to be.
What matters is what you are to me.