Family Man

16 July 2003

I want to be the father of your child,
The fruit we made and you carry inside.
Everybody knows you belong to me,
We belong to each other until eternity.

At this poor age we both do understand.
You lead the way as we hold our hands.
Wherever and anywhere you will go,
I’ll be watching you and I know you know.

I know that nine months is too long,
But as time goes, love really goes strong.
No matter the baby is a girl or a boy,
As long as our family is filled with joy.

kenn jimena

Home Alone

13 July 2003

Today is thirteenth of the month and it is Sunday,
And it is already eleven in this crazy cold night.
I don’t know where you are at this moment
And this loneliness makes me end my life.

Forty-two minutes have already passed on eleven
And the lights that shine are becoming pale.
I don’t know if I will still see tomorrow
And this loneliness is badly tearing my heart.

Ten more seconds to touch another new day
And my eyes are slowly close in a dawdling motion.
I don’t know where I can put all these pain
And this loneliness will not end unless you’re home.

kenn jimena

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