Tool To Kill

20 May 2001

He testifies the source of courage,
because he often starts the rage.
But sometimes it will be better
if his bullets are to be saved.

These flashing bullets surely kill
so many men were murdered.
Maybe now we should help cease
the treat of his lethal power.

No more fingers should ever touch him,
not a person should hold him again.
I will break and destroy his trigger
so he could cause no more sin.

Help me rebuild his architecture,
turn him a single part of a tractor.
Bring him to the fields of seeds,
to help build our better future.

Hatred and wars caused this tool,
made by heartless coward fool.
A servant of evil and vain
made to slaughter innocent people.

He is supposed to be a piece of art,
turned by men to a deadly lark.
We, the men, are to be blamed.
If not of us, he was not to cause wrath.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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